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NFL14702 Cupro Nickel Aluminum

Shapes Available

NFL14702 Cupro Nickel Aluminum

Cupro Nickel Aluminum, NFL14702, 2.1504, CuNi14Al3, CuNi14Al, CuNi14Al2, UN14A2, K5

NFL14702 has very high mechanical properties. This Cupro Nickel aluminum alloy is very resistant to Sea-water corrosion and to oxidation. NFL14702 is a very good choice for both marine and aeronautical industry because it has good impact and fatigue resistance. Despite all its qualities, it provides no sparks on impact and strict non-magnetism.

Typical Uses for NFL14702:

RAILWAY INDUSTRY: valve guides, bearing cages

AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: short-circuit rings, rotors anti-friction rings, insert for plastic injection molds

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