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SAE 841 Sintered Bronze - Oil Impregnated

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze - Oil Impregnated

One of the finest powder metal bearings on the market. By using a proprietary blending and sintering process this gives us a uniform grain structure and spheroidized porosity which results in superior strength, lower coefficient of friction and a uniform oil coating of the mating shaft. During operation, oil impregnated bronzes have a proven record of excellent wear resistance and long life where normal lubrication is difficult or impossible to provide.

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Typical Uses for SAE 841 Sintered Bronze - Oil Impregnated:

AEROSPACE: Materials for Aircraft and Space Vehicles

AUTOMOTIVE: Gears, Cams, Sprockets, Bushings, Sleeves

INDUSTRIAL: Machinery Components, Self-lubricating Pump Parts, Turbine Blades, Office Machines, Home Appliances, Medical Equipment

AGRICULTURAL: Farm, Lawn and Garden Equipment

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