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AMS 4880 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Shapes Available

AMS 4880 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

AMS 4880 / C95510

AMS 4880 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is one of the most popular landing gear bushing materials specified today along with AMS 4640 material.NBM's brand of AMS 4880 is continuous cast and heat treated. Our AMS 4880 has outstanding mechanical properties and typically exceeds those of AMS 4640. In many cases NBM's AMS 4880 can be substituted for AMS 4640 with the advantage of our material being available in hollow bar, which provides for great cost savings due to weight reductions and a huge elimination of scrap. We can also supply rough machined blanks in this alloy, which helps to reduce scrap issues even further. Please send us your drawings.

Advantages of AMS 4880D Tube over AMS 4640 solid Round Bars: PDF Download

Typical Uses for AMS 4880 Nickel Aluminum Bronze:

AEROSPACE: Landing Gear Bushings & Bearings, Valve Guides, Stems, Seats

INDUSTRIAL: Corrosion Resistant Parts, Wear Rings, Machine Tool Parts, Piston Guides, Worm Wheels, Hot Mill Gurdes

MARINE: Propeller Hubs, Wear Rings, Hardware, Worm Gears, Shafts, Sleeves

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